Where can TraxEye be used?

Cycle paths

The impetus for increasing the cycle path network comes from the Government’s program for getting more people to cycle for their health and the health of the planet.
TraxEye increases safety after dark and considerably extends the use of the network; making it a must have for Local Authorities who are serious about promoting cycling in their areas.


The published benefits to health of a brisk walk have brought more people onto pathways in the last few years. This seems set to increase dramatically but with increased pathways comes the increased burden of lighting.

TraxEye offers a cost effective solution with little or no maintenance by providing safe route illumination without the need for cabling and scarce power usage.


Towpaths are now used by walkers and cyclists alike and demarcation of the canal edge by TraxEye offers not only a visible guide to those on the Towpath but also a valuable guide for any barge owner forced to navigate in the dark. The pathways are usually remote from access to conventional lighting sources but TraxEye will provide a visible guide to the canal edge.

Mooring points and jetties

These can also be highlighted by TraxEye for canal users as well as serving as a hazard warning for walkers and cyclists.


The horse riding community could also benefit from the use of TraxEye demarcation of hazards and obstacles at night.

Camping and caravan sites

TraxEye can be extremely helpful in safely guiding users to communal areas and designated routes.