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Cycle paths

Swansea County Council


The city currently has around 50km of cycle and walking paths including two sections of the national cycle network. The unique TraxEyeTM system is being piloted by Swansea Council along a 4km section of the Clyne Valley cycleway.

Rob Wachowski, Swansea Council's Cycling and Walking Officer, hopes the trial will lead to the new technology being used along other parts of the cycle network in Swansea.

He said: "Cycling is becoming more popular as a mode of transport and also as a leisure past time. The Council's aim is to provide safe cycle networks throughout the city. The Traxeye system gives us the ability to provide a totally green and cost neutral lighting system along cycling and walking routes. It's a great idea that provides a really effective way of guiding walkers and cyclists along these paths during the darker hours."

After visiting the site during the recent snow Rob also said: "The Traxeyes are installed and performing well with positive feedback from some local users. I’ve been up and down a few times recently and they are glowing through an inch of snow."


Broads Authority


Steve Birtles, Head of Waterways Strategy and Safety "We have installed them on 1 of our moorings which is not lit and adjacent to a public house, they have been installed on the capping of the mooring so as to delineate the water’s edge hopefully to inform people where the edge of the mooring is. We have chosen this particular site as a few years ago we did have the unfortunate occurrence of a drowning from this mooring as someone returned to their boat from the public house at night. The Traxeyes are great and I am surprised at the level of 'glow' the give off they clearly do the job well, we have also had feedback from our users who think it is a great idea to install these and have commented how good product is. We intend to roll out the use of traxeyes to some of the more rural locations of our mooring network as part of general safety management."

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English Heritage Trials TraxEyes


English Heritage trials glowing circles as part of commitment to ramparts safety.

As part of an ongoing safety programme at the Berwick-upon-Tweed Ramparts, English Heritage is trialling a series of TraxEye™ Marker Studs along the edge of The Starks section of the ramparts.

The 50 TraxEye™ Marker Studs are due to be installed on Friday, 12 September and will serve to highlight the edge of the pathway on the top of the ramparts at night. Over the past two decades, there have been over 30 serious injuries relating to falls from the ramparts, including four fatalities. English Heritage takes these incidents very seriously and, in consultation with Berwick Borough Council and Northumberland County Council, will be seeking to introduce measures that do not compromise the magnificent setting but do ensure that the necessary safety precautions are in place.

Rob Flower, English Heritage’s Head of Visitor Operations for the North East, said, “Over the past twenty years there have been four deaths related to night-time falls from the ramparts. In the face of those statistics and to try and prevent future accidents, it is vital that appropriate safety measures are put in place. We do not recommend that people walk along the ramparts in the dark but, for those that do, these markers may provide a valuable guide.”

Self-illuminating, they absorb light during the day and then re-emit it at night as a strong afterglow. The circles measure 5cm in diameter and are just over half a centimetre high, ensuring that they are unobtrusive in the daytime. If this trial proves to be successful, additional TraxEyes may be fitted.

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